Press Release – International Women’s Day

In observance of International Women’s Day on March 8th, HALT Action Group will issue a poster designed as a commemorative plaque of the infamous transcription of President Trump’s Access Hollywood recording. The campaign seeks to combat the whitewashing of our President’s history of sexual aggression and the normalization of his racist, anti-women administration.


Refusing amnesia, these words should haunt President Trump and embolden American women to vociferously contest the Trump administration’s systematic attack on reproductive rights as well as fight the appointment of arch-conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.


Given that this is an administration dominated by privileged white men, some with serious domestic violence allegations, this poster is a reminder that the abuse of women and the abuse of power always travel hand in hand.


A high-resolution image of the poster has been created as an open source file that can be downloaded from the Halt Action Group website—free for mass distribution, printing and posting.


Halt Action Group is a coalition of artists, curators, writers, psychoanalysts and activists who have pooled together their creative forces to stage various political actions in New York City.  In November 2016, they began the “Dear Ivanka” campaign.  This action continues on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @dear_ivanka.