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Building Facade Maintenance and Repair

The facades of buildings are exposed to a multitude of environmental factors including air, insect, and water infiltration, freezing and thawing cycles, high winds and seismic activity. Building owners and management must understand the effects of these factors on their building envelopes to make informed decisions regarding repair, restoration, and maintenance efforts. Periodic building facade inspection are a key tool in identifying common building facade problems and providing critical information for the planning of future repair work.

Identifying issues with the building facade early allows for cost-effective repairs that avoid the more costly repair efforts that result from delaying corrective measures. Additionally, a proper inspection can help reduce building owner liability by identifying unsafe conditions such as falling masonry or unknown water infiltration that can pose dangers to the public.

Ensuring Structural Integrity: The Vital Role of Facade Inspection and Repair

For new construction and historic buildings with existing deterioration, PIERCE360 offers comprehensive façade assessment services that incorporate a full range of diagnostic and investigative techniques. Using this data, a detailed PIERCE360 Report is provided for the building owner to prioritize the scope of work required to restore their building facade.

In cities that require periodic facade inspections, all buildings should establish and adhere to an inspection schedule. This ensures that problems are identified and addressed before they become dangerous or expose the building owners to expensive liability. A comprehensive building facade inspection program can also identify underlying issues, such as corrosion, concrete spalling (sometimes referred to as “concrete cancer”), and structural damage that are not visible to the naked eye, which can quickly lead to significant costs for the owners.

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