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Cancer Man Pisces Woman Love Match

A cancer man pisces woman love match is one of the most sensitive ones as both are water signs. Their emotions blend in most areas of their lives and the few areas where they don’t gel as well are mostly minor and don’t cause any fuss. They feel a sense of kinship with each other and find significant happiness in finding someone who understands their emotions and mood swings.

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They are both sensitive, affectionate and loyal to each other which makes their relationship a smooth one. They would love to share their innermost feelings with each other without any fear of being judged. This would allow their friendship to grow to a greater extent.

In the bedroom, both of them are sensual and passionate. They also like foreplay before they move into sexual intimacy. Pisces is an intuitive lover and understands the nuances of what Cancer wants in bed. This enables them to have a steamy and intimate experience.

The only problem is that Pisces tends to get carried away with her emotional mood swings and lashes out at him for no reason. Cancer doesn’t mind her first outburst and tries to understand her but she may get annoyed with his stinginess in matters of money and his tendency to be secretive.

The other thing that can be an issue in this relationship is that Pisces sometimes finds it difficult to make firm decisions. This can lead to her getting stuck in the same kind of situation over and over again. Then she might start to feel that she is being taken advantage of by her partner.

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