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Choosing Drexel Housing

For many first-year students, moving into Drexel’s residence halls is a major life adjustment. Located in the heart of the sixth-largest city in America, our residential communities offer a unique mix of individual living spaces, as well as shared community amenities and activities.

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While some students choose to live off campus, for others the convenience of on-campus drexel housing is a big selling point. Mike Lynch, a junior at Drexel who lives in Chestnut Square, says the dorms are “nice and affordable.” He also likes how close he is to campus and how easy it is to get to class.

University housing has been a little swamped by the number of new freshman enrolled this year, but they’re rolling with it. They’ve opened more rooms and are offering Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) as an opt-in choice for students.

GIH is offered in most residence halls with double rooms and suite style apartments available. Students can opt-in for GIH by indicating interest on the housing application. When a GIH interested room becomes vacant, the current resident will be encouraged to find a replacement who is also GIH interested or they can select another option such as an all-gender or mixed gender room.

RAs are on hand to help residents adjust to college life, but they’re not there to force a student to change their lifestyle. The RAs’ goal is to be an invisible hand that guides students through their time at Drexel, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important.

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