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How Custom Hockey Patches Are Made

custom hockey patches

Custom hockey patches are a great way to show team pride, commemorate an historic event in hockey, or add some flair to a jersey or other piece of equipment. They can be made in any shape or size, and the design is up to the creator. There are several different methods for attaching the patch to the item, such as sewing, heat pressing, or using an adhesive backing.

Adding Depth: Custom 3D PVC Patches

The material used to make a custom patch can also impact its quality. Twill is a common choice for hockey patches because it is durable and can be embroidered easily. Felt is another popular option because it is soft and may be more comfortable for players to wear during games. Other materials, such as leather, are more durable and have a smooth surface for embroidering.

Once the patch is designed, it is then produced by a company that specializes in making custom patches. This process can take some time and can be complicated depending on the design. However, there are many companies that have extensive experience in producing custom patches and can create a high-quality patch according to the specifications of the customer.

While NHL teams are allowed to add advertisement patches to their jerseys, the league has strict rules about what can be advertised. It doesn’t allow any patches that promote alcohol or tobacco products, or any other product that may conflict with the NHL’s official sponsors. This rule has caused some controversy among fans, as it can result in jerseys that look more like billboards than pieces of clothing.

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