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How to Choose the Best Secondary Glazing Installers

secondary glazing installers

Adding secondary secondary glazing installers is a cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduce cold draughts. It can also help with noise reduction. But with so many installers available, how can you choose the best one for your home?

It’s important to choose a professional installer for your secondary glazing. A quality installation will ensure the product is fitted properly to deliver optimal thermal and acoustic benefits. A professional will also understand building regulations and safety standards, making sure the work complies with all the necessary requirements.

Enhancing Comfort: The Importance of Expert Secondary Glazing Installers

There are several different types of DIY secondary glazing available, from transparent plastic sheets that are held in place with magnet strips to pre-made windows that can be screwed into position. Many of these systems are easy to remove, which makes them ideal for scenarios where a temporary solution is needed to keep winter draughts at bay. Others have a hinged design, which is great for those who need to access their original window often for cleaning and ventilation. And there are even some designs that don’t add any additional site lines, which are perfect for homes in Conservation Areas and listed buildings that have restrictions on modern uPVC flush windows.

The type of secondary glazing you need will depend on the style of your home and your budget. The most affordable options are magnetic, which can be fitted easily to existing single- or double-glazed windows. Hinged and lift-out systems offer more flexibility, but they are more costly.

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