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Final Property Inspection at Settlement

When it comes time to settle on your new property, you may be asked to attend a final property inspection. This is usually done a few days before or on the day of settlement. It’s not as detailed an inspection as your building and pest, but it is a chance to ensure that the home is in good condition, everything included in the contract remains in place and any rubbish has been removed.

What is final inspection standard?

Typically, you will arrange your final property inspection at settlement through your real estate agent. However, you can also do this directly with the vendor if you prefer. Ideally, you should do this as close to your settlement date as possible – within the week leading up to and including settlement. This allows you enough time to get any issues fixed before settlement.

While you are inspecting the property, take your contract of sale with you and refer to it so that you can check that all the inclusions you agreed upon are present and in working order. You should also make sure that anything the vendor agreed to remove from the property (exclusions) is no longer there – if it is, flag this with your real estate agent and conveyancing lawyer so that they can arrange to have it removed before settlement.

Many buyers use this opportunity to have one last look around the property and measure spaces for their furniture. It can be quite an exciting time!

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