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MUGA Pitch Contractors

MUGA pitch contractors

A MUGA pitch contractor can provide the perfect solution for schools, clubs and districts that have limited space but are keen to increase their sporting provision. MUGA pitches allow schools to offer a range of sports, including football, netball, hockey, tennis, and basketball – without the need for dedicated areas for each sport. More info:https://mugapitch.co.uk/

This is a great way to reduce the amount of equipment required as well as the number of spaces needed, saving on time and money. It also ensures that pupils get a varied sporting experience, helping them develop physically and socially.

The surfaces used in a MUGA can vary, depending on the needs of the user. They are typically made from porous tarmac, polymeric EPDM rubber or synthetic turf – each has its own advantages which a MUGA specialist will be happy to discuss with you.

The Importance of Quality Materials in MUGA Pitch Construction

Unlike traditional playgrounds, MUGAs are designed to be used in all weather conditions – which is why they’re such a good choice for schools. This means that students are able to take part in their favorite activities whenever the weather permits, rather than being confined indoors.

This local authority wanted to protect their valuable MUGA from adventurous trespassers, as they were concerned about them causing damage. To address this, they installed additional fine mesh fencing along with green colored Roller barriers to prevent people from using the existing fence as a climbing aid. This has effectively prevented trespassers and allowed the school to fulfill its duty of care obligations without having to move or remove any lampposts.

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